Environmental, Occupation, Health & Safety Policy

We believe that Health, Safety & protection of environment is above all project Schedule and targets, we are therefore committed and safeguard our employee ,equipment and the environment against potential effects arising from our business by:

  • Implementing & maintaining an effective Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety Management System.
  • Adopting and complying all applicable rules, regulations, legislative requirements to provide and maintain a safe and pollution free working environment.
  • Mitigating environmental pollution, health and safety hazards, with adequate training and providing necessary facilities to all employees.
  • Reducing number of incidents of loss to property.
  • Preventing injury and occupational related illness to personnel associated with our Organization.
  • Promoting environment, health & safety issues to all interested parties.
  • Conserving natural resources, minimize waste and contol pollutions across the organization.
  • Reviewing all objectives & targets periodically on environment , occupational health & safety management system for continual improvement